Viviana mall
Terms and Conditions
  1. Member’s mobile phone number would be his / her unique identification number for the membership.
  2. First name and mobile number are mandatory for registration in the program.
  3. Upon successful registration to the “The V Club”, members accept that the membership is governed by these terms & conditions and may be amended from time to time.
  4. There is no membership fee for registration to “THE V CLUB”.
  5. Members will be entitled to bonus points at the time of registration.
  6. Members, who have shared their date of birth at the time of registration, will also be rewarded with bonus points on their birthday.
  7. A Maximum of 5000 points can be Redeemed/Earned per day.
  8. There will be exciting redemption offers for reward points on a time to time basis.
  9. NOTE:- Points Doesn’t have any Monetary Value
  10. Members can earn or redeem their points online @ The V Club Reward Store.
  11. The validity of points accumulated in any calendar year shall be one year from the date of earning the points (e.g. Points earned in Jan-2017 will expire by Jan-2018). The points accumulated cannot be carried forward to the next cycle.
  12. Periodic updates on the number of ‘points accumulated’ and ‘points nearing expiry’ shall be sent to members on their mobile numbers through messages.
  13. The membership points, benefits & privileges are non-transferable & will only be used by the member.
  14. The member shall present “THE V CLUB” membership acceptance message for all transactions & activities including but not limited to points accumulation, redemptions & discounts.
  15. Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD / THE V CLUB will not be held responsible for any transactions made on a lost or stolen membership.
  16. Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD / THE V CLUB management reserves the right to cancel the membership or to cancel or amend any provision offered as part of the “THE V CLUB” at anytime without prior notice.
  17. All points accumulated will be credited to the member’s “THE V CLUB” a/c Between 24 to 48 hrs, If System is down updating will be done when the system is available in working condition.
  18. Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD / THE V CLUB shall not be liable for points which were accumulated inaccurately as a result of technical malfunction, operator fault, member misconduct or any reason beyond the control of Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD / THE V CLUB.
  19. The use of the privileges and associated benefits are deemed to be an acceptance of “THE V CLUB” terms and conditions.
  20. Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD/The management reserves the right to terminate the membership with all points forfeited without prior notice if the member:
    1. Breaches any membership terms and conditions
    2. Behaves in an unruly manner while in “THE V CLUB” premises.
  21. Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD “THE V CLUB” reserves the right to amend benefits and privileges, terms and conditions of this agreement and “THE V CLUB” benefits from time to time without prior notice. The decision of Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD management shall be final and conclusive in the event of any dispute.
  22. Member can redeem the points either by shopping at the store.
  23. Points accumulated in member’s “THE V CLUB” account will be rounded off to the available voucher denominations (subject to eligibility). The balance points will be left and will be carried forward in his / her “THE V CLUB” account subject to its validity.
  24. Members can check for their points balance at the Information Desk/ Website /Micro site/Viviana Mall App.
  25. Membership constitutes permission for “THE V CLUB” to use the customer’s name and comments for promotional purposes in any media without any compensation whatsoever.
  26. Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD “THE V CLUB” does not make any representation or warranty as to quality or suitability of the gifts/ rewards in any manner.
  27. Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD “THE V CLUB” shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered or any personal injury that may be caused as a result of participation in the program or using the points / gift/ rewards.
  28. The points/ gifts cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. No cash claim can be made in lieu of points/ gifts.
  29. Purchases in the name of firms or any third parties will not be entitled for membership.
  30. Points of different members cannot be clubbed.
  31. Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD “THE V CLUB” store employees and their immediate relatives are not eligible to participate in the “THE V CLUB” loyalty program.
  32. Sheth Developers & Realtors (India) LTD “THE V CLUB” assures complete privacy of your personal data and your mobile number. It will not be shared with anyone without permission.
  33. Bills of last 7 days shopping are only accepted for points earning.
  34. Mall Management can revoke/refuse the membership of any person in the event such member is involved in any act of fraud, fabrication of bill, shoplifting, cheating, with or without cause and without any notice. All the existing reward of such members shall be cancelled and shall not be redeemed. The Mall management also reserves right to take appropriate legal action.
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